Plotten für Chaoten

Das Seminar Plotten für Chaoten von Kathrin Lange am letzten Samstag war toll, absolut empfehlenswert!

Die Technik, die sie dort vorgestellt hat, fühlt sich sehr vielversprechend an, um aus einen verworrenen, unfertigen Plot, wie es meiner zurzeit ist, eine funktionierende Geschichte zu machen. Ich bin zuversichtlich, jetzt in überschaubarer Zeit die Planung für meinen Feenkrieger-Roman fertig zu kriegen.

Ein dickes Dankeschön an das Romanmentoren-Team!


I have been quite busy in the evenings during the last month – busy thinking about and planning a fantasy novel I have been wanting to write down for quite a while. Since I have only about one or two hours in the late evenings, I decided that I have to concentrate on one thing for a change. So I’m going back to my roots, to the very thing that gave me the most thrilling inner energy I knew in my past: I’m back to writing.

This means there will be only few new drawings or paintings from me every now and then and definitely there won’t be a new homepage. I will stick to this blog (and maybe a German version of it to replace my former homepage to post anything new.