I have been terribly moody this weekend. Nothing seemed to work as planned. Most of the time I tried to fix some problems in a program I wrote for the next experiment of my PhD thesis but I couldn’t fix them the way I thought it would work. Instead I found out about some other problems of the script I had not been aware of before. Pretty frustrating. At six o clock in the evening today my husband told me to stop and do something else and I started doodling around with my tablet – which is not that new anymore but which I have not used very often since I got it. I played around with it a bit, but after dinner I had lost all my desire to paint something. So this quick unfinished sketch of a sleeping unicorn is the only thing I actually did create this weekend.

Jeez. I hope I’ll have a better mood and will not scare my muse away again next weekend!


This was an extremely lazy saturday! I did not have the energy to do much, but at least I finished the fairy warrior card I began to draw yesterday.
The reference photo:
Thanks so much, foowahu! :)

(The card will be auctioned as soon as I can summon enough energy to put it up on Ebay.)


Woops, I totally forgot to properly credit the nice photographers who gave me permission to reference from their beautiful swallow photos:

The adult swallow

The juvenile swallow

Thanks so much!

I started drawing another card today which I will probably finish this weekend and put to auction at Ebay. These two swallows, however, are currently reserved for one costumer whose card got lost during shipping and who told me that she likes swallows in particular. She may choose one as a replacement and when she has done that, the other one will probably be available at Ebay, too.