Songgryphons Colouring Book reprint at Kickstarter!

My Songgryphon Colouring Book will be reprinted by Ellen Million if the stretch goal at Kickstarter is reached! If you would like to support a reprint and secure a copy for yourself, you still can contribute; the campaign ends next Monday:

The measuring rod for printing

I am a bit tired at the moment, so I thought I cut this long thing into pieces and put them all into a nice, printable PDF. It has two animals per page and lots of space around them to glue the printed sheets together: download the printable measuring rod (PDF)

If you choose a scaling of 100% or just “none” the printed scale should come out right. Best print one test page and check with a real measuring rod in case you need to adjust the printer’s scaling.

Have fun!


During most of my free time (which always feels to be too short) I am writing, mostly still practicing to improve my writing skills, so there has not been much to show here. But now I illustrated a German science fiction novel: “Dunkelwärts” by Ulf Fildebrandt. (It’s not published yet, I’ll post a link when it’s available.) This was my very first job as an illustrator (which feels pretty cool), but I found out that I would probably starve as such. I am just drawing much too slowly! Well, I guess I can say the same about writing, but I tend to ascribe that to the painful lack of continuous chunks of writing time …