I have been drawing and painting with dedication for as long as I can think back. Since I became a mother I took seldom time for this, but pictures are still continuously emerging in my head and I still put them on paper or on a monitor now and then.

This is my portfolio.

I will publish respective blog entries in the category “art“.

songgryphon at DADeviantArt (my most frequently updated online gallery)
DeviantArt Store (prints, cards and other stuff for sale)


I started writing at the age of eleven. As pupil and student I wrote a long fantasy novel which I don’t intend to publish because I don’t like it enough anymore. Currently, I am working on a new project that will hopefully be available in book stores some day.

Since I use to write in German (with small exceptions), my blog entries about writing will probably all be written in German, too.

My Profile at www.autorenwelt.de


My third great interest is science. I am currently working for the University of Mainz and on my PhD. After having studied Biology, I switched to experimental psychology. My research interests lie in the field of perception and cognition.

My site at the Department of Psychology at the University of Mainz
Me at ResearchGate